The Small Exceeds

Curated by Michael Childress

On view July 20 - August 20, 2017


A screen, a bench, a table, a mirror, a vessel, a key, a flower.

A window is a plane between two voids.

The past and future are expanding beyond the surface of the present.

Thus, a space for quietude to focus on the details of small things and wait modestly for the

guidance of Inspiration.


Thunder over the Mountain

Arousing while keeping still


The flying bird brings the message

                                                                      - From Hexagram 62 of the I-Ching*




*Richard Wilhelm, Bollingen Series, [3d ed., trans. Richard Wilhelm and Cary F. Baynes, vol. 19, The i Ching: Or, Book of Changes (Princeton, N.J.:

Princeton University Press, 1967), p. 240




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