New Release is pleased to announce its next exhibition, CUBIT, a group show including Michael Childress, Megan Cotts, Devin Farrand, Kai Franz, Dean Levin, Greg Allen-Muller, Lauren Seiden, Phillip David Stearns, Matthew J. Stone and Chris Succo.

One of the oldest units of measurement, a cubit has traditionally been considered equal in the length of a forearm, or close to 18 inches. In ancient Egyptian art, objects, idols and portraits were often painted following a specific set of proportions using a grouping of grids following cubit sizing in order for works to be consistent. 

Systems of measurement have long influenced, aided in and even aggravated an artist's practice. The artists involved in this exhibition each observe certain constructs, elevations and errors in size, pattern and rule. 

However, unlike the more simplified structures of arrangement in the older cubit art placement, each exhibiting artist has expanded to invent their own set of defined rules. Often working with specific systems, the artists have been influenced by, expanded on, or conceived various schemes including but not limited to time release, cellular automaton, patents and computer data.

CUBIT stages a time capsule of 2016; the possibilities and limitations of each artists' practice which will keep developing as their mediums continue to advance in technology and thought.