The philosopher Henry Bergson once wrote, “When it is said that an object occupies a large space in the soul or even that it fills it entirely, we ought to understand by this simply that its image has altered the shade of a thousand perceptions or memories, and that in this sense it pervades them, although it does not itself come into view.”

New Release is pleased to present Bird / Plane, a group exhibition opening Friday, January 6th with Elizabeth Glaessner, Max Heiges, Emma Kohlmann and Marlon Wobst. Within their own style and medium, each artist follows Bergson's contemplation and allows for questions such as:

“is it one thing or the other”

“is it the angle in which I am standing”

”is it due to the conversation I just had”

“is it because I forgot my glasses”

“is it because I am paying too much attention or too little”

“will it change the next time I glance over”

“what did I think it was before you said that”

Elizabeth Glaessner (b. 1984 Palo Alto, CA) was most recently in group shows “The Woman Destroyed” at P.P.O.W in NY and “I thought you Were Just a Poor Devil” at Kommunalka in Leipzig, Germany. Her first solo exhibition at P.P.O.W was in 2014 titled “All this happened, more or less.” She received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2013 and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Max Heiges (b.1988 Geyserville, CA) recently had two large scale steel sculptures in the group exhibition Fort Greene at Venus Los Angeles, curated by Adrienne Rubenstein. In 2016 he had a solo sculpture exhibition outdoors at NADA Miami Beach. A long time studio assistant for both Chris Martin and Joe Bradley, he lives and works in New York City. 

In 2016 Emma Kohlmann (b. 1989 New York, NY) had solo exhibitions at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark and at KIT Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. She was also in several group shows including Printed Matter's exhibition “Ordinary Extraordinary: New Independent publishing by Women” in New York. She lives and works in both Western Massachusetts and New York.

Marlon Wobst (b. 1980 Wiesbaden, Germany) recently had a two person exhibition with Roland Persson titled “Animal Farm” at Helsinki Contemporary. He has also had solo exhibitions at Galleri KANT in Copenhagen, SCHWARZ CONTEMPORARY in Berlin and Galerie Maria Lund in Paris. He lives and works in Berlin.