Marliz Frencken (b. 1955 Netherlands) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Arnhem in 1980. Selected exhibitions include Peter Kilchmann gallery, Zürich (2015), Kunst Vereniging Diepenhein, Diepenheim curated by Hanne Hagenaars (2015), Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen (2015), Middle Gate Geel ’13, Geel, curated by Jan Hoet (2013). In the 80’s and early 90’s Frencken was represented by gallery and publishers Bébert in Rotterdam. Over more than forty years artist Marliz Frencken has been painting and sculpting repeatedly women - varying from very naïf sketches, to intensely abstract and photo realistic oil paintings, alongside finger sculpted and vividly assembled three dimensional objects.

Joe Babas (1944-2007), an artist, he also worked in the film industry for many years after moving to NYC from Michigan. Joe liked to juxtapose man-made objects with natural-world objects.

Eric Oglander (b. 1987 Nashville, TN) Minimal sculptures made of branches comprises the the majority of his work but a love of collecting and selling objects led to the creation of Craigslist Mirrors, a vernacular photo project made up of found imagery of mirrors from Craigslist. Oglander published a book, Mirrors, with TBW Books in 2015. He’s currently making sculptures and catapults, taking photos of stuff and dealing in folk art.

Mark Rowley (b. 1951 Fort Campbell, KY) most recently exhibited at Foster Goldstrom Gallery, New York.  Solo exhibitions at Goldstrom included, “The Eye Unsprung,” and “The Simples of Strange.”  He was an active participant in the Brooklyn alternative art scene during the 1980’s, particularly with Group Scud and also the Gowanus Monumental Shows, co-directed by Frank Shifreen.  He was a Max Beckmann scholar at the Brooklyn Art Museum and one of the award recipients of the Pratt Institute, “Bridges Show.”  His first solo show was in the window of Athol Savings Bank, Athol, Mass., at age 12. He graduated from Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, in 1972, and has been a resident in Brooklyn since 1974.