When New Release asked me to assemble a video program, many works immediately  pop-corned within my mind's eye. After revisiting these spontaneous‘picks du inspiration', I couldn't help but feel that they were ALL ideal examples of the type of condition that I wanted the exhibition to describe:
The lighting fast reflectivity and impulsive reasoning with one's memory that has to happen to make conversation.

The proximity of image production / consumption to that condition that is now granted by our technology.
 A state of recognizing this transition or rapture.

The works in the front of the gallery are Speed Paintings (time lapsed recordings of Photoshop labor) of cast members from LOST. The time lapse videos are slowed down in order to consume the actual amount of time that their author had spent on their production.

On the main screen, videos are streamed live off their respective web hosts so as to minimize the material implications of exhibition. The program acts  to randomize the playback order of the works with each screening,  allowing as many possible relationships between them to emerge. It plays  work by Stephen Beck, Vladimir Bulatov, Nikolaus Baumgarten, Dan Herschlein, Gary Hill, Alexandra Hopf, Standish Lawder, Marie Lorenz, Kristin Lucas, Moniker, Andrea McGinty, Sara Magenheimer, Dan Sandin, Barbara Sykes, Alina Tenser, Ben Vida, Bill Viola, Marie von Heyl and Jeff Williams.

Also included is a gazing ball by Elizabeth Ferry, added as an homage to the hands-on, otherworldly live activities happening in the studios surrounding mine.

The video program lasts approx. 80 minutes with each complete program beginning at 12:00, 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30 PM each day of the show's run.

-Siebren Versteeg